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Pinterest Expert Reveals 15 Step Checklist to Prepare Your Store for Black Friday 2018

Pinterest Expert

Pinterest Marketing Expert Reveals How to Prepare Your Store for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2018

One of the unique behaviors of Pinterest users compared to how they behave on other socials is that they plan much earlier when it comes to Christmas shopping. Would you believe they start searching as early as July? That means they are shopping at least two months earlier compared to other social media networks.

Pinterest wants your business to thrive amongst the 1.5 million companies that have joined them. You have the opportunity to share your products and services with over 250 million people who come to Pinterest looking for inspiration and to buy stuff.

Are you ready to rock your Black Friday Cyber Monday sales? Here are 15 Pinterest Expert tips for doing that:

1. Pinterest just recently opened up their own SHOP THE LOOK feature for small and mid-sized businesses so you can sell more of their products. Why should that matter to your business? Read on.

How does the “Shop the Look” work?

When a Pinterest user searches for stuff to buy using their “Shop the Look” tool it allows the shopper to buy directly from that pin (image). This tool is ideally suited for those who sell fashion and home decor.

Here’s what I mean by that.

In the “Shop the Look” pins you will see white dots on different products of the outfit as shown below. When using your mobile app, you simply tap the dots to shop the items and then Pinterest will show you the exact same or similar products of that item.

Pinterest Expert

Photo credit: Pinterest

Next, the shopper will click on the item they want to learn more about and it will also reveal if the item is on stock or if it’s sold out. The final step: when the shopper is ready to make a purchase they can click through to your website, and voila they will either buy it or continue to explore your site! Yeehaa. Pinterest is literally making shopping so simple for people.

Pinterest ExpertPhoto credit: Pinterest

Pinterest expert tips on how to make your regular pins turn into Shop the Look pins?

If you have a limited number of products to sell, you’ll want to use Pinterest’s tagging tool to create your own Shop the Look Pins. Individually tag your lifestyle image pins with links that drive the clicks to those specific product pages. Let me show you how to do that on a desktop.

Step 1: Create a pin like you normally do. Upload your image and then add a title, description, and the link to where the product can be found on your site.

Step 2: Hover over your image and click the white shopping tag on the top left corner.

Pinterest Expert

Step 3: Add the product URL or affiliate link. Do not use URL shorteners. You cannot use the same link twice in the same pin.

Step 4: Pick a product image.

Step. 5: Repeat steps 4-6 for all products you want to tag in this pin.

Step 6: Click “Done”.

Step 7: Choose a board to save your Shop the Look Pin to.

Additional Pinterest Expert Tips:

  • If you need to edit the placement of the white dots at any time you do so by clicking in the pin close-up. Edits should show within a few hours of editing the Pin.
  • You will find all the products you have tagged below your secret boards in a section called “protected boards”. They are not visible to the public.

2. Open up a free business account or convert your existing profile into a business account.

3. If you have been on Pinterest for a while check out your Audience Insights tool and learn more about what your current audience is interested in. As a Pinterest expert this info is invaluable to me when managing other business’s accounts.

Pinterest Expert Actionable Tip: considering creating additional boards around your audience interests.

Pinterest Expert

4. Discover the different types of holiday shoppers on Pinterest and how to reach them on my blog post

5. Buy Pinterest ads.

Before you do make sure you set up your Pinterest tag first. When you have installed it on your site, the snippet of code will allow you to track what people do on your website after clicking on your ad. And in that way you can retarget them to people you know are interested in your business.



Just a friendly reminder that that bids will be more expensive during the holiday season because of competition. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, I created a simple DIY guide on how to use the Promoted Pins for only $12.

6. Let your customers know about your upcoming sale now.

According to research from RetailMeNot, over half of US shoppers plan to start their holiday shopping before BFCM.

7. Create a spreadsheet of all your upcoming sales

Make a list of all the products and the type of deals or discounts you want to offer. Being organized like a Pinterest expert marketer will help you avoid putting your products on sale the last minute.

8. Think of plan B

Do you have a back-up plan should things go sideways? How do you really know if the shipping company you are using will ship your goods on time? Do you have a plan if products sell out quickly? Think of what the worst case scenario could be and develop a contingency plan.

9. Can you site handle a ton of traffic?

There are times when a ton of simultaneous requests to your website can slow it down or worse cause it to crash. Make sure you test your store’s server load capacity with tools like

10. Tease your audience with an email blast

Create an email campaign showcasing sneak peaks of your upcoming sales. Further amplify it through your social media networks. The sooner you begin doing this, the more momentum you will have during Black Friday Cyber Monday when you finally announce the sale.

Here are some ideas for email campaigns:

  • Announce Black Friday Cyber Monday sale: send details of the sale ahead of time to existing subscribers, and when the sale officially starts.
  • Before the sale ends remind them that your sale is almost over.
  • Create an exclusive deal just for email subscribers
  • Build a scarcity mentality. Consider including countdown timers until or “left in stock” alerts.

11. Is your site mobile-friendly?

Over 80% of Pinterest users use their mobile device when shopping. Make sure you test how your store looks on mobile devices. What’s the user experience like? It is easy to make a purchase or is it like a scavenger hunt? How’s the checkout process? If you’re requesting them to fill in every field you may just lose a customer. People want a fast experience folks. Consider

Google Pay which allows customers autofill saved information, reducing the keystrokes or clicks required to make a purchase.

12. Use real-time live chats

According to MarTech, 51% of customers are more likely to purchase from a site that offers live chat. In addition 50% say that they are more likely to go back to a website with a live chat option.

13. Set up your Google analytics

This free tracking tool is a must. If you’re not tracking your performance then how do you know what’s working and what’s not?  This is how a Pinterest expert would work.

14. Spy on your competition

One of the easiest ways to check what your competition is doing is to subscribe to their email list. Observe the types of emails they send out, how often, etc. Use Google Alerts to see other websites that are mentioning them.

15. Optimize your pins correctly.

Remember that Pinterest is a search engine and you really need to master Pinterest SEO. Watch this tutorial below to help your products get found on top of the Pinterest’s search engine.

If you want less stress (and I know you do), it’s time to act on the 15-step checklist this Pinterest expert has provided to ensure a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’m confident that your efforts will pay off!

Pinterest Expert Anna Bennett Question: How Can I Help You?

If learning how to use Pinterest for business is overwhelming for you and you feel like you are going around and around with Pinterest and not getting anywhere please contact me at, a Pinterest expert in management services and marketing expert. Not sure how to use Pinterest? My FREE Pinterest Marketing for Business online course is the best place to start.


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