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Pinterest Management Services: Optimize Boards to Rank High on Pinterest

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Updated November 17, 2019

Pinterest Management Services Expert Reveals How to Optimize Your Boards so You Get Found First on Pinterest’s Search Engine (Video Tutorial)

In this video tutorial you will learn from a Pinterest Management Services expert how to fully optimize your Pinterest boards so that you can rank higher on the Pinterest search engine and thereby get more views, followers, saves, and clicks.  

Your goal when optimizing your board titles is to get found first before your competition.

What I mean by that is when someone types in a keyword into the search bar on Pinterest; like golf outfits, or DIY kids crafts, or vintage home décor you want your Pinterest boards to come up at or near the top of the list ahead of your competition. That way you get the traffic and they don’t. You do want that right?  That is exactly what we do when we apply out Pinterest Management Services to our clients.

So how do we that?

For your board title; use the keywords that your audience will use to search with.

Really think about how your target audience will search. What will they type in? 

Pinterest Management Services expert tip: In many cases it will not be the name of your business.

Don’t Make This Big Mistake

The biggest mistake I see Pinners making is using cute or clever titles that won’t help them get found.

For example, if you are selling t-shirts you would not want to name one of your boards “Soft T’s”. It might sound fun or clever but on Pinterest you have to take a simplified, direct approach or you will not get found.

Follow These Steps to Create Your Board Title

1. Fill in all the required fields when creating a new board.


2. Determine your keywords.

For example, one of our Pinterest Management Services clients at White Glove Social Media is CRAFTABLES and they sell craft supplies. One of their top keywords is HEAT TRANSFER VINYL. 

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3. Go to the Guided Search Tool.

I will type the keyword “heat transfer vinyl” in to decipher the highest performing keywords to leverage. I’m also looking for keywords that will help me promote Craftables content.

Pinterest Management Services

Based on what I see HEAT TRANSFER VINYL TUTORIAL should be one of the boards I should create since it is the highest ranking keyword (first position left side of the bar) and in addition Craftables have enough content that we can fill a board like this. 

Another key lesson is that you ONLY want to create boards that you know you can fill with plenty of images. Pinterest Management Services helpful tip. 🙂



4. Decide if you should create a board around a topic or product have a look at your competition.

Let me use another example. Let’s say you sell baby gifts but you only have 6 products (as shown below).


Pinterest Management Services + Packages


So you have to ask yourself, is it worth it for you to create a board that ONLY features six baby gifts? To decipher if it’s worth doing so check out how the other boards with similar products are performing on Pinterest. 


Pinterest Management Services + Packages


Based on what I see creating a board with just six products is not worth your time. In this case I recommend that you still create a board titled BABY GIFTS but add additional content from other sources that doesn’t directly compete with yours. 

Let’s move to SEO tips for board descriptions.

I often see boards without board descriptions. When a business neglects to complete this section they severely limit their chances of ranking high on Pinterest. What that means is they get found less, get less followers and less traffic to their websites. Not good.

Pinterest Management Services + Packages


Here’s How to Craft Board Descriptions So You Rank High on Pinterest’s Search Engine

  1. You have up to 500 characters to fill in this space.
  2. Explain what your board is about. What they will discover, learn, etc.
  3. If you’re featuring a collection of products add a call to action and the url to where they can explore more of your products.
  4. If you’re featuring blog posts do the same thing. Add a call to action and the url to where they can learn more of your helpful tips.


Go to the Guided Search Tool as shown below.

Your job is to add additional keywords that rank high. Our goal is to add as many of these keywords starting from the left to the right.

Let’s use Craftables again from step 1 above.


Pinterest Management Services


Here’s what the board description might look like. As you can see we injected the keywords (in bold text) from the Guided Search Tool that makes sense to the reader. 

Heat Transfer Vinyl Tutorials + Storage Ideas + Design Tips + DIY Craft Projects +Gifts | Explore tutorials from Craftables, where to buy & how to use the best & cheap heat transfer vinyl on shirts, cutting machines, Cricut, Silhouette Cameo machine, layering HTV, printables, how to remove on mugs, applying HTV on wood, on glass, on fabric, & answers to your most pressing problems. For more HTV tutorials visit our blog at

Notice how keyword rich the description is?  Pinterest Management Services tip: Do that for your board description.


Most Businesses Don’t Know This

Being consistent with keywords that you use for your board titles & board description will also help your pins rank higher on Pinterest. Let me repeat that again. By correctly optimizing your board titles and board description it will also boost the performance of your pins.

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There you have it you have just learned how to fully optimize your boards and board description to help you rank high on both Pinterest’s and Google’s search engines!

Now that you have successfully optimized your board it’s time to clean up the rest of your boards!

Make sure you use this checklist below.


Pinterest Management Services + Packages


How to Easily and Quickly Clean Up Your Pinterest Boards: 7 Steps

1. Feature your top five boards in “Featured”.

2. Rearrange your boards in the following order.

    • Place your most important boards that feature your products and services in the first row.
    • Place your helpful boards next and organize them into themes.
    • Next are the trending holidays and events such as Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day and so forth.
    • Group boards should be at the bottom of your page.


3. Choose a board cover that’s consistent with your branding colors.

4. Are your current boards serving your target audience? If not don’t delete your boards because you will lose all the Pinners following that board. Instead archive them. Archived boards are typically found just below the secret boards.

5. Are your boards ranking high? If not, take the time to optimize them.

6. Fill in all the required fields correctly.

7. Leave group boards that is no longer serving you.

Pinterest Management Services Question: How Can I Help You? 

If learning how to use Pinterest for business is overwhelming for you and you feel like you are going around and around with Pinterest and not getting anywhere please contact me at, a Pinterest management services and marketing expert.


Pinterest Management Services + Packages

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