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Pinterest Management Services Explains: Pinterest Analytics to Grow Your Business in 2018


Updated January 21, 2021

How to Use Pinterest Management Services Like Analytics to Grow Your Business in 2021

Analyzing your data can help you improve what you’re already doing and drive better results. But what should you actually measure, and where should you start? At White Glove Social Media our job as Pinterest Account Managers is to provide month end reports to our clients so they know what’s working and what’s not. This is important. If we don’t make the time to analyze the type of content we’re saving, creating, and so forth on Pinterest through the Pinterest management services analytics how do you really know you’re maximizing your results? You wouldn’t. Not good. So do yourself a favor. At the end of each month make sure you do the following:

  1. Track and measure critical Pinterest data
  2. Analyze that data
  3. Use that analysis to create better content, update or repurpose your content 

Let’s begin!

Pinterest Analytics: What to Track and Measure


What does this mean? The number of times people saved your pin to a board. This is an indication that you’ve created compelling content that people are planning to return to or do something with in the future.

pinterest management services



What does this mean? Pinners that clicked on pins that link back to a website. This is content that people want to learn more about, take action on, or to buy now or in the very near future.

pinterest management services

Pinterest Management Services Expert Actionable Tips: Because these are short-term analytics you need to act quickly. Here’s what I recommend you do with the following information.

1. Add more of this type of content to your boards.

2. If your own content shows up can you re-purpose your content quickly and easily. It could be as simple as using a similar kind of image and using the same text-overlay on a different image or creating an infographic, a checklist, etc.

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3. Create evergreen blog posts around your most popular topics. However, if the holiday, event, or observance has passed exclude those.

4. Create new products.

5. Highlight this type of content in the front of your store and your website. Look at how World Market showcases their trending pins.

Pinterest management services

6. Make sure you have these products in stock so people can buy them on your site.

7. Consider these pins if you want to purchase Pinterest ads.

Avoid panicking if your pins aren’t getting high engagement the week you save them. Your pins are discovered long after they’re added to Pinterest so you may not see the full impact of recently added content for several months. BuzzFeed found that more than half of their traffic from Pinterest comes from posts published more than 2 months prior.

The lesson is this. We need to be patient. Give your pins time to bake and make sure you are scheduling your pins correctly so that you get more engagement. In that way, your pins get found on the top of Pinterest’s search engine and this increases your chances of getting more clicks to your website and/or blog.


Audience Insights reveals what your existing and potential customers are interested in based on their Pinterest behavior. The insights surfaced by Pinterest are powered by the Taste Graph and reflect the active consideration mindset of Pinners, incorporating actions like searches and saves.


Pinterest management services

What does this mean? This tells you what time zone your followers are in.

Pinterest Management Services Expert Tip: Pin based on when they are on Pinterest.

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Pinterest management services

What does this mean? This is a look at the categories that your followers are the most interested in. This tells you what kind of content your audience likes.

Pinterest Management Services Expert Tips:

  • If you’re running out of ideas on what boards to create consider these topics using the ones that show up in this report. However, do your best to make them unique to your business. Each one is a clickable link.
  • Consider targeting any of these interests when creating a Promoted Pin ad campaign.
  • What does affinity mean? Affinity indicates the strength of your audience’s interest in a particular category compared to the average Pinner. A high affinity indicates that this portion of your audience has a strong likelihood of engaging with content related to this interest.


What does it mean? Here’s a look at the age and gender that you are attracting.

Pinterest management services

Pinterest Management Services Expert Tips:

  • First, ask yourself is this the target audience you want to attract? If it’s not, then you need to change your strategy. For example, if your largest audience is 25-34 but you are creating images that feature seniors how is that really effective?
  • If the age and gender is bang on and who you want to attract; keep up the great work! You’re definitely on the right track. This tells you that you’re creating and curating content that appeals to their needs, wants, problems and interests.

As you can see it’s vital that you study your Pinterest analytics and constantly make improvements. With over 175 billion pins on Pinterest you are competing for a ton of eyeballs folks. Everything you do month after month counts and builds momentum with your audience. So strive to create better content every month that your target audience will love and appreciate more and more.

If learning how to use Pinterest for business is overwhelming for you and you feel like you are going around and around with Pinterest and not getting anywhere please contact me at, a Pinterest marketing and account management expert about my Pinterest management services or to learn more about how you can be more effective on Pinterest check out my Pinterest Marketing for Business Course Chapter one is FREE.

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