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Pinterest Management Services Expert: How to Make Money With Pinterest

Pinterest Management Services


How to Make More Sales on Pinterest for Business: The Truth From A Pinterest Management Services Expert

Pinterest is home to 175 billion pins (images) and two billion boards being used by over 250 million users. When Pinterest users click on those images they are directed to the source of that image which is typically a product page or a blog post on the business’s website.

  • That’s how you get more traffic to your site using Pinterest.  
  • They click on an image and get linked back to your site.

Why Pinterest is So Different from Other Socials

Pinterest is a visual discovery tool. What that means for businesses is that your content must be 1) visually appealing and 2) content that your target audience will find valuable. When it comes to the content it’s important to know what type of content works best on Pinterest.

Pinterest users have a different mindset compared to how they think about and use other social networks. For example, if you are in the business of selling coffee beans

  1. Your Facebook posts should be conversational “Hey, do you know how to keep your coffee beans fresh”? This is asking a question; asking for help.
  2. On Instagram you’re showing how pretty those coffee beans look.
  3. On Pinterest you are posting a “how to” lesson, “How to Keep Your Coffee Beans Fresh”. You are giving the answers, the help, and the ideas.

Do you see the difference? On Pinterest, your goal is to serve the customers. You make it about them, and not your brand. As a Pinterest management services expert I am regularly educating clients about these important differences.

Pinterest is about helpfulness versus product pushing. Pinterest users want information that they can take action on because they are on Pinterest looking for ways to improve their lives. Go on Pinterest and you’ll see people are literally saving content with boards titled ‘MY WISH LIST’, ‘STUFF I WANT’, ‘I WANT TO BUY’. People are not doing this on other socials.

Pinterest Management Services

The Pinterest interface allows you to create boards that literally reveal what people are interested in. Every activity a consumer makes in terms of looking at a piece of content, saving it or clicking it shows intent.  That’s amazing market intelligence.

Your target audience is telling you what they love. Yet businesses still don’t understand or know how to take advantage of that information. That’s where our expertise as Pinterest management services experts at White Glove comes in. My job as the lead Pinterest Expert is to decipher what businesses are missing in their Pinterest marketing efforts.  We are able to understand your customer base in ways you may not. When we share that insight with you it helps you build better products and provide better service, both key components in keeping up with your customers’ ever changing preferences and needs.

Data Privacy and Ads Drive Customer Dissatisfaction in Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have the least satisfied users in social media, according to the latest data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s 2018 E-Business Report.

Pinterest takes top marks in customer satisfaction among social media. Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn were the only social media sites to improve customer satisfaction this year.

In its second straight year of growth, Pinterest is the clear winner in social media, rising 3 percent to an ACSI score of 80, its highest ever. Consumers typically hate ads but Pinterest is the only exception. Customers gave Pinterest the highest marks for both advertising and privacy protection.

Pinterest Management Services

Shopping Made Simple in Pinterest’s Search Engine

People on Pinterest love to shop. They have a shopping mentality. It’s the nature of the platform. So if you sell online you’d be a fool not to connect with this crowd. They are looking for stuff to buy.

For example, if you go to the Pinterest’s search engine and you are in the market for a table lamp you can narrow your search by ‘Product Pins’ as shown in the image below. When a person decides they want to buy or learn more about a particular lamp shade the user clicks on the image and gets redirected to the retailer. That doesn’t happen on Facebook and Twitter because images can’t be hyperlinked.

Pinterest management services

Easily Make More Sales With Buyable Pins

Buyable pins allow shoppers to buy your products without ever leaving Pinterest. People can easily spot these pins in search results as shown in the image below.

Pinterest management services


Here’s what you need to know about the Buyable Pins:

  • You must apply through your shopping platform partners like Shopify or BigCommerce.
  • It’s only available for U.S. based E-commerce sites and shipping products to the USA.
  • Businesses take all the profits because Pinterest doesn’t take a cut of those retail sales.

Bottom line, Pinterest makes it easy for your customers to buy your stuff when using the Pinterest app. This is another way Pinterest helps businesses make more sales.

What Content Works Best on Pinterest

1. On Pinterest you need to create content that is both inspirational and informational.

So if you are an e-commerce platform you need to start getting more creative if the only images you are showing now are product-centric images. If you can afford to create lifestyle images do so because they work best. However, let’s be serious, if you’re a solopreneur or small business you probably don’t have a budget for this type of content that typically only the biggest brands can afford.

If you want to make more money on Pinterest, people want to see your products in action. They don’t just want to see a lamp shade in front of a white background. Boring. That is not inspiring. Shoppers on Pinterest want to see ideas on how to decorate with that lamp.

Those types of images are called lifestyle images on Pinterest and they work WAY better than product only images.

Pinterest management services


2. We know that Pinterest users are big time planners. Here are the top searches for the Fall/Autumn season.

  • Searches for “self-care routines” have increased 140% since last year. This includes skin care, workouts, and morning and bedtime rituals (up+157%) are regimens that Pinners are looking to refresh as they get back into their everyday routine.
  • Bullet Journaling (up112%) continues to rise. It’s one of the top morning and bedtime routines that Pinners are looking for to help stay focused, happy and organized!
  • There have been over 14 million searches for home organization, and searches are still on the rise—since the start of summer, organization-related searched have gone up by 40% world-wide. Pinners are getting organized before transitioning into fall. Top searches are the closet (3.8M searches), kitchen (2.2M searches), bedroom (1.9M searches) and bathroom (1.8M searches).
  • Storage solutions are uber popular especially when it comes to purse storage (up 99%), blanket storage (up 38%) and even hidden storage (up 59%).
  • Pinners are searching for meditation gardens (up 48%) and ways to unwind with meditation spaces (up 38%).
  • There have been over 63M searches for exercise and over 340M searches for healthy recipes.
  • Searches for front splits are up 151%, and searches for buti yoga, a fun form of cardio intense yoga that incorporates tribal dance, are up 55%.
  • From blackout curtains to eating habits, biohacks (up 59%) help people see how small tweaks to their lifestyle can lead to big changes like increased energy and productivity.
  • Pinners are looking to re-root themselves by cooking with healthy seeds such as black seeds (+128%) and basil seeds (+182%).
  • Adaptogens (+40%), almond yogurt (+40%) and moon milk (+155%) are all Pinners need this fall to feel energized and balanced.
  • “Classic bob” is among the top 20 searches globally.
  • Korean beauty (up 36%) ritual to help the skin feel refreshed and healthy.

Pinterest’s Back to Life Report 2018

How to Make More Sales: Holiday Pinterest Marketing Tips for 2018

Here’s what’s trending in retail apparel and home so you can plan your creatives and content for the holiday season:

  • Even throughout the holidays hustle and bustle, outfits remain consistent in our weekly top 15 searches. Popular search terms: gloves, hats, holiday style, winter outfit, and scarves.
  • Christmas family picture outfits are a top family fashion search on Pinterest over the holidays.
  • Consumers want the outfit glam with sequins (+37% YoY), suede (+31%YoY) and velvet (+25 YoY).
  • ‘Christmas decorations’ is the #1 search during this timeframe.
  • ‘Christmas decor DIY’ had the strongest year-over-year growth, while still being a top 10 search.
  • Home-related ‘gift ideas’ searching happens early and often over the holidays on Pinterest.
  • Food and drink is the top category over the holidays. Did you know that 53% Pinners pull-up their Pinterest when they are shopping in-store? Popular search terms: holiday recipes, holiday decor, party ideas, table setting, and leftovers.

Pinterest users start searching and saving Christmas related search starting in July and starts ticking upward as early as September. That two times earlier than when shoppers tend to begin exploring products on other platforms.

Why is that? That’s because shoppers use Pinterest to discover new ideas and to help them decide what to buy from finding personalized holiday gift or searching specific ingredients for a holiday recipe.

Pinterest Expert Actionable Tip: Start your campaigns 2-3 months before the holiday rush. In that way Pinners will most likely remember you when they are ready to buy.

Why You Need to Have a Blog for Pinterest

There are several, very important reasons why your business will have much more success if you have a blog.

First, now that you know that Pinterest users are looking for help (not just a boring picture of your product) the best way to do that is by educating them. You do that through blog posts. For example, if you sell lamps you can create a blog post about ‘How to Decorate with Floor Lamps’. This is how you create engaging content. You want to address their problems, concerns, etc. This doesn’t mean people never want to hear about your product. It just means that most of your content should offer value as they move through their journey from inspiration to purchase.

Second, blog posts rank higher than products because of all the SEO juice. What that means is more people are going to find you, and faster = more traffic to your website.

Third, at some point you’re going to run out of product images to share. As you know Pinterest’s algorithm changed again in the Spring of 2018. If you want your stuff to get found, before your competition’s stuff it means producing fresh content. You cannot keep sharing the same product images over and over again. If you don’t blog then you’ll have to invest in photography.

Ask yourself does it make sense to do a photo shoot or create a blog post? Which is more cost effective for you? Which type of content will people get really excited about so they keep coming back for more?  Helpful, useful tips that are relevant to them on their buying journey or another boring product focused image.

Fourth, if you’re looking for new customers which I know you are, you need to court your target audience. Blogging ensures that your audience is getting a genuine experience. This is how you build trust especially if your products are complex and you have a ton of competition.

Pinterest’s virtual retail strategy lead Amy Vener says consumers venture to the platform when they need inspiration, usually months out from an event, opening up the opportunity for retailers to capture them in that ‘consideration mode’, which she believes is the key to success. Pinterest users plan ahead compared to other social networks. What that means is businesses have an opportunity to connect with Pinterest users when they are in the planning phase. If you can put that product in front of a Pinner early in the process of discovery and if it speaks to their needs; that gives your business an edge over your competition. This is what I mean by courting Pinners.

Fifth, having a blog gives you the opportunity to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing. When a person clicks on an affiliate link from Pinterest they are taken to the merchant and you as the marketer will receive a commission for each sale.

Sixth, on Pinterest your content continues to go viral, even years after being posted as shown in the image below. This doesn’t happen on any other social. This is important because the potential for acquiring new prospects is much greater on Pinterest when people continue to discover you. And if they find your content useful they’ll be coming back for more.

Pinterest management services

What if You Don’t Want to Blog?

There are a number of ways businesses can use Pinterest to boost sales and engage consumers, such as Promoted Pins. These are ads you pay for so that they are seen by more potential customers.

One thing I know for sure is that businesses that solely focus on Promoted Pins eventually hurt their organic performance on Pinterest. It hurts their organic traffic because it shows they’re really not interested in helping customers. They just want to push the same products over and over. At some point your audience is going to become sick of seeing the same Promoted Pins over and over and over and over. When you do this users will typically block your Pinterest profile. Not good.

So here’s the thing. If you absolutely no NOT have the time or the funds to blog invest in Carousel Promoted Pins!

Visual Search Technology: The Power of the Pinterest Lens for Ecommerce

Pinterest’s CEO Ben Silbermann has previously said that “the future of search will be about pictures rather than keywords.”

In February 2017 Pinterest introduced a really cool feature called ‘Lens’. They created this feature to help people discover ideas and buy stuff without having to use the Pinterest’s search engine. It’s really an exciting opportunity for fashion and home decor in particular.

Instead of keywords, it’s finding content visually using things you see offline. So basically when you point your camera on an object, let’s say a lamp (image #1), Pinterest will show you similar lamps (image #2). If you sold lamps and they showed up in the search results like this image below imagine how powerful it could be for your business. This is just one of the ways people will discover your products on Pinterest.

Pinterest management services

Since its launch, Pinterest users are using the ‘Lens’ to discover recipes, outfits for a date night, or even a new beauty look. Pinners do more than 600 million visual searches every month across Lens. That’s a 140% increase year over year.

Top categories for Lens searches:

  • Fashion
  • Home decor
  • Art
  • Food
  • Products
  • Animals
  • Outfits
  • Beauty
  • Vehicles
  • Travel

Connecting Inspiration to Action

Pinterest took the visual technology even further by creating ‘Shop The LOOK Pins’ for advertisers in fashion and home décor brands.

Pinterest management services

As you can see in the image above you’ll see white dots that call out different parts of the look. The shopper simply taps (on a mobile phone) or clicks (on a desktop) on the dots to shop each item you see. And when they are ready to make a purchase they just click through to your site to check out.

Pinterest Looks to Go Public in Mid-2019

According to a recent report Pinterest is getting close to reaching $1 billion in sales. The company is aiming to go public by mid-2019, and has a current valuation of $13 billion to $15 billion. What does this tell you? Businesses are having a ton of success on Pinterest or they would stop buying Pinterest ads and services.

Pinterest is an Investment in Long-Term Relationships

Although Pinterest is technically not a social media network it’s important to note that it is about building relationships. We all know relationships take time so don’t get bummed out if people are not quickly repinning or clicking on your pins.


As you can see Pinterest makes it easy for you to get discovered with its continuously improving technology. With the right content at the right time, you can connect with consumers in a way that builds trust. Over time people will get to know you, like you and as a result, you’ll drive more traffic to your website or stores get more sales more leads and that is how you make more sales on Pinterest. We know this for a fact as Pinterest management services experts.

How Can I Help You? 

If learning how to use Pinterest for business is overwhelming for you and you feel like you are going around and around with Pinterest and not getting anywhere please contact me at, a Pinterest management services and marketing expert about my Pinterest management services.

If you’re ready to launch your business on Pinterest or to learn more about how to correctly set-up your Pinterest business account, the best place to start is with my Pinterest Marketing for Business Course, Chapter one is FREE.

Pinterest management services


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