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Pinterest Management: How to Start Your Career as a Pinterest Account Manager

What does a Pinterest manager do?

A Pinterest manager operates a Pinterest account for a business.

Can you really make money doing this?

Yes I have been doing it full time going on 7 years. It can be very rewarding financially.

What does it take to be a Pinterest manager?

Knowledge. For starters have you invested in a modern up to date Pinterest marketing course? Do you know the differences between a personal account and a business account? Those are 2 things to figure out first.


Pinterest management services


Updated April 8, 2020

Pinterest Management: What You Need to Know About How to Become A Pinterest Account Manager

So you’ve been on Pinterest for a while now and you’re thinking about making extra money from home, or maybe you want a career in Pinterest management working as a Pinterest account manager. Great!

What you need to know is that pinning and handling the Pinterest management of your own account is not the same as Pinterest account management for businesses. There is so much more you need to know if you want to be successful. For example, you might be a great at cooking but that is totally different than being hired to cook for a group of 30. What if the person who hired you to cook wants you to change your recipe but they still want it to taste, look and smell exactly the same as the first time they had the dish? You are used to cooking a certain way and now you have to cater to someone else’s tastes and expectations, and cook the way they want you to cook…does that sound like fun to you? At the end of the day, you’re not just cooking; now you are in business having to respect and please customers while you still deliver results.  

Bottom line there is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to managing Pinterest accounts for business.

I’m going to share with you the ups and downs of Pinterest management and being a Pinterest account manager and what you honestly need to know so you can make a wise decision about whether or not you want to be involved with Pinterest account management yourself. Through my journey I’m going to reveal the lessons I’ve learned along the way. You can learn a lot from my mistakes! 

Let me give you some quick background on my Pinterest management story…

My career started off in fashion at the age of 20 which led me to managing high volume retail stores. While there I won several awards (President’s Club) for my sales achievement. At some point it just wasn’t fulfilling enough for me. Then one day a charming business man named Chris walked into my store and I was instantly drawn to him. I believe that in life that there are no coincidences. There was a reason Chris came into my life.

Pinterest management

Lessons learned so far:

  1. Set goals, work hard = accomplish great things.
  2. Think of what you want versus what you don’t want and opportunities will come knocking on your door. Some might call this the “law of attraction”.

At the time I wanted to become a personal development trainer. I was already helping other store managers but it wasn’t in an official capacity. I also wasn’t keen on staying with the company I was working for because of the politics. When you’re working in the corporate world it comes with the territory.

Helping others become successful was something that I really loved. I wanted to do it full-time. But how? It just so happened that Chris owned a sales training & personal development company. He had the rights to Brian Tracy’s courses; a renowned motivational speaker. Chris invited me to take a 3-day course called the Phoenix Seminar on the Psychology of Achievement. That course literally changed my life. It was mind-blowing. I’ve always loved reading personal development books but this was at a different level. I was so was intensely engaged in it that I lost three pounds during that 3-day course. I’m so not kidding!

Fast forward I’ve been married to Chris for 20 years and we continue to work together running his training business Chris Bennett Sales Training. We traveled together and taught the Phoenix Seminar together and as much as I loved teaching it, it was really exhausting. Waking up at 5 am to teach a class was not my cup of tea. The money was great. A day’s wage was more than what I was making in a month in my previous career. But it just wasn’t totally for me.

Pinterest management services

Lesson learned so far:

  1. Do what you love.
  2. Money isn’t everything.
  3. Be a lifelong learner.

So what was next for me? I couldn’t resist the urge to start my own business. And I’ve always wanted to own my own luxury day spa. There weren’t any beautiful spas in the area where we lived and I knew there was definitely a market for it. The spas I would go to were typically 45 minutes away from our place and I hated having to drive home after all that relaxation…especially in rush hour. What’s the point of getting de-stressed if you’re going to get stressed again – LOL. So I started planning and doing research.

During my travels I would always go to a spa. I would take notes before and after my experiences. What I loved, what I definitely shouldn’t do etc. When you’re a customer you know how you want to be treated. I looked at every little detail from; the detox waters served in the lounge room, to welcoming guests with spa slippers that massage their feet, to the exotic orchids that lay on the massage beds, and on and on.

My dream of opening a luxury wellness spa came to fruition. I hired the best in the industry; from the designer, to the builder, employees, and suppliers, on and on. To be the best you have to work with people better and smarter than you. I set myself up to become successful from the beginning. I wasn’t about to cut corners. If I was going to make a substantial investment I thought I’m going to do this right or not at all. Within the first year of opening Ocean Day Spa I won first place as the best day spa in the city and won best (architectural) design for IDIBC; the Award of Excellence.

For six years, I put my heart and soul into that business. Part of my motivation was to give women a chance at having a great career in an environment where they felt appreciated, rewarded, fulfilled, respected, loved, and so much more. It was a privilege to help. It was really an amazing journey.

Pinterest management services

The lessons:

  1. Strive to be the best, always.
  2. Work with and hire those that are smarter than you.
  3. Study, study, study…grow.
  4. Enjoy the journey.
  5. It’s better with a great husband.
  6. Do it right, don’t cut corners.

I eventually decided to sell the spa after my landlord decided to open up a dance studio above our space. My lease contract specifically stated that no business would interfere with the serenity of the spa but unfortunately, I had a landlord that didn’t live up to his word. I had to make some tough decisions and going to court was just not worth it for me. Sadly, I sold the spa and I decided to take some time off to relax, travel, play sports, spend more time with friends and family – it was great. I even tried to retire since I didn’t need to work for money.

After a couple of years, I started to get that burning desire to start my own business again. It’s always been in my blood, what can I say.  I decided to take a crack at social media marketing because I was fascinated with it and knew it could have real business impact. So I took the best course I could find at the time and got certified as a social media strategist. That may sound fancy (and it did at the time for me) but knowing what I know now the course was no big deal. And I certainly was not a qualified social media strategist when it was done.

In fact, I shake my head at the notion of being a social media strategist in general because being in expert on just one platform like Pinterest is more than a full time job and has taken me years to master.  I don’t understand how someone can put themselves out there as a social media expert. C’mon, there is no way any one person can be an expert in all platforms and be up to date with all the latest changes each platform makes on a weekly basis. No way. Have you read my last blog post? You’ll see what I mean.

Pinterest management services

The lesson:

  1. Just do it. If you’ve been wondering if something is right for you, give it a shot and find out. Avoid the regret of never finding out for yourself and wondering for years if you should or shouldn’t have done something. I did and it turned out great….read on.
  2. There’s no such thing as a social media expert. You will get the credibility of being an expert when you’ve earned it. That’s why when Pinterest reached out to me to be part of their Elite Business Program all my hard work paid off. Yay! Pinterest recognized me as a Pinterest Expert. Because of that my business took off like crazy. 

After I took the course I landed my first job in sales for a social media company. My job was to find clients for my boss. I tried to convince her at the time that I wanted to specialize in Pinterest and my goal was to become recognized as a Pinterest expert. She laughed at the idea and thought it was stupid. She literally said that.

Within a week I decided to start my own business convinced that I was right and that Pinterest management was going to be the next big thing and that I needed to get started now to be on top when it got there.

During my first year I didn’t make a lot of money which was no big deal because at the time it wasn’t about making a lot of money. I wanted to learn as much as I could about Pinterest management & marketing for business. I took a Pinterest course and thought to myself. This course really sucks, it’s outdated, blah blah and I decided if this is the best that’s out there then there’s obviously room for something much better. I also paid for a coaching session with a Pinterest Expert who was also an author. After 1 hour call which cost me $199 I basically got nothing for it. It was all fluff. This experience motivated me even more to really get serious about Pinterest because my gut feeling was telling me that there was room for real Pinterest experts.

Pinterest management services

During my first year I blogged like crazy, even though I really didn’t know how to blog. I just kept sharing what I learned about how to use Pinterest with the world. In less than two years, I got an email from Enid Hwang Pinterest’s Community Manager and she informed me that I have been invited to be part of their Elite Pinterest Business Expert team. I gladly accepted!  Finally I thought my hard work of blogging like crazy has paid off and I have officially been recognized by Pinterest as an expert.

Seven years later and I still love Pinterest management; I continue to manage accounts, do audits, coach social media managers, I have four online courses, we provide content marketing, and so much more. Pinterest management has been the perfect fit for me; much more than the other social networks.

Technically, in case you do not know this Pinterest is NOT a social media platform. But it’s still categorized as one in digital marketing.  Pinterest is actually a search engine like Google.

The lessons:

  1. Invest in education. Don’t try to figure it out on your own. It will take you longer.
  2. Some people will knock you down when you share ambitious goals. Ignore them.
  3. Hard work still pays off.
  4. There’s no shortcut to success. You got to work it.
  5. Sell courses for passive income.
  6. Become an expert in one thing vs. a generalist.
  7. Be careful with so called “Pinterest Experts”. Have they shown proof like I have?

Pinterest management services

What I shared with you are bits and pieces of my career and what led me to become recognized as an international Pinterest management expert. To become a Pinterest account manager you must have the full knowledge about how Pinterest management works for businesses. You also can’t be everything to everybody. When I opened my spa I targeted a specific audience. It was an upscale, wellness spa. I was not appealing to everyone. You must do the same when you decide that you want to become a Pinterest account manager. Who do you want to serve? Write it down and think it through. Get focused.

At White Glove Social Media Marketing we also cater to a specific type of client. I don’t believe you can be all things to all people. For example, we do exceptionally well with clients that are in the fashion and beauty category because of my formal education and experience in that field. We also do well with those who are coaches or trainers because I have been there done that for over 30 years now. Think about your own journey and your expertise because that might be the answer to whom you should serve. As Pinterest grows there’s going to more and more competition for Pinterest management services. What that means to you is how will you add more value to your customers? This is why we only choose certain verticals to serve.

Whether you want to be in Pinterest management and manage accounts as a side-hustle or full time, the beautiful thing is that you get to set your own schedule. You can do it from anywhere in the world. That was important for me when I decided to go all in with this business. My work had to revolve around my lifestyle (and sleep!) LOL

Pinterest management services

When you work from home you don’t have to “get ready” meaning you don’t have to do your hair and makeup, wear suits or adhere to whatever the corporate dress code is. There is no longer a “dress to impress” imperative. Heck, I’ve had many days of wearing my PJ’s to work. The bottom line is you have a ton of freedom. You set your own schedule, work with clients you only want to work with, you set your own terms and conditions when it comes to fees, and so on. Hey I have even fired clients and turned down work because there wasn’t a personality fit. You can’t do that working for someone else.

Since we’re on the topic of fees, I have found that clients who are cheap, who aren’t willing to pay you what you’re worth are usually the worse type of client for us. They typically want more and more for a lot less which is why we NEVER give discounts. For those type of clients I tell them to read my blogs and figure it out on their own.

But offering Pinterest management services isn’t all rosy poesy which is why I created a course called How to Become a Pinterest Account Manager. In it I outline the hard work and all the different jobs required to be successful. You are running a business. Pinterest management is not a hobby. Even if you decide to do it on the side to earn extra income for your family; its’ still a business.

That means:

1. Being smart with your business expenses such as; website hosting, scheduling tools, editing tools for creating Pinterest images, PayPal fees, bank fees, MailChimp fees, office space or a home office, and so on. The more services you offer the higher your expenses will be as well because you will need certain tools to execute those services. For example, I use GoToMeeting for my webinars and coaching sessions. I use Camtasia and Techsmith to record my online courses. I use Mailchimp for my email campaigns. All these fees add up to a lot. I only use what I think we really really need. I am extremely frugal that way. I wasn’t always like that but I’ve learned how to keep things lean. You get wiser with old age. At least for me anyway.

2. The beginning is going to be tough. That’s too be expected. Anything new is always challenging. You have to walk before you can run right?

You will need patience. Remember how long it took you to grow your Pinterest followers? It’s the same with business. I got lucky in the beginning because I knew how to use Pinterest to get to the top of Google. I’ve never had to do a cold call to get a client. Today, we get 95% of our leads from Google because we are on the first page under my chosen keywords; Pinterest Expert, Pinterest Consultant, Pinterest Account Management & Pinterest Management.

Pinterest management services


If you’re thinking; how can I do the same, I will show you how. In the beginning you may not be able to rely only on organic search rankings on Google, after all it does take time to rank high on Google. Businesses spend millions every month trying to be on the first page. There are other ways to find clients and you will learn that in my Pinterest management course.

3. Customers come and go. Yes, you will have clients that will stay with you for years but many will come and go for several reasons. It could be because the business owner decides to manage their own account, they can’t afford it, they’re impatient, or they are not willing to take your advice even if they know you’re the expert. I have been doing Pinterest management for over seven years now. It’s my full-time job. I have seen it all. I have been through every scenario you can think of – the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

Pinterest management services

What I can tell you is that most of it is amazing and the pay is great. I am making more than ever before and business keeps getting better and better, but I am not quite content yet. I believe there is more to come. I believe that if you really want something you can have it. It just might take a little longer than what we originally think. And that’s okay. I’m always learning.  I’m guilty of being impatient at times.

If you are passionate about what you’re doing, set goals, focus, if you work hard, if you continue to study at your craft, and you give back to the world, the universe will be kind to you.

I could have easily turned this blog into a novel but for now I hope my story has motivated you to take the next step. Or maybe after reading this you realized Pinterest management and managing Pinterest accounts may not be for you. If you’re ready to take the next step or if you have any questions about Pinterest management & How to Become a Pinterest Account Manager use this contact form to reach out to me. 

To your success!



Pinterest management services




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